Places, adventures, discovery, and the five + sensory emotions, are a few examples on how I receive inspiration for my work. These experiences are caught and manifest themselves in strange ways, and the human amplifier needs to do something with that energy in positive ways.

Some kind of meditation zone, where maybe subconsciously, looking back thus far as travelled, may help you decide your future?

In and out of obsession…collecting random bits n bobs from old love letters to piano parts. Dissecting and constructing. secondhand skateboard decks as a child, regriptapping and getting a beautiful sanded effect on the edges. Picking spots on your face to the point of ocd and ridding yourself of learningĀ fromĀ old love affairs.

Typography, conventional non conventional. Mixing mediums and experimentation for interesting results or an absolute mess and learning from those journeys. Biro drawings to aerosol to planks of weathered wood and rusted nails. I can’t put my finger on it, if I could then maybe the light would go out: lines shapes and form………… why out of millions of woman do you gravitate to a handful? Why are her curves better than hers. Brown hair next to blue eyes. The sound of a sweet voice. Sound has form ie weights of line ‘geometry’. Surrounded by concrete sometimes feels like sat in an unpadded cell without straight jackets on. Paranoia of the eye watching…

Connecting to things… the remedy. G Anders.